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2 years ago

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This event took about 3 weeks at the site known dogging near Peterborough. I work there sometimes during the week and keeps me sane while I was away from work to home. I had visited the place many times and always found it very fair what he did for this time of the search. That was taken about 1130 clock on mommyfucktube a wet Tuesday night and had about 5 0r 6 trucks at night, with about 10 or so cars maneuvered into place as they do. I took the truck between 2 and had a look to see what was on offer. Barely five minutes had passed when a television fell from taxi impressive in mommyfucktube front of me, once in the street, knelt at her panties and stockings were mommyfucktube obviously just fucked to adapt. mommyfucktube Fortunately for me, is that then went to my car on the way to it. I lowered the window of hope that was coming, what they did. I asked if he was okay and he has to break a light on the ice. He pulled a pack of cigarettes and a lighter one handbag and then offered me the lit lighter. Lit fag and gave back, whicj = mommyfucktube h took my hand and asked me if I wanted her to sit on his lap. It was necessary to ask twice, absoloutley guided my hand in her panties and soaked with sticky goo, which she was and the truck driver cum mixed. She asked if I could get into the car and told me he was in discussion on the passenger side door oipned, bowed and went straight to my jeans buttons. Do not be shy you are, I said. Without saying a word, soon opened the keys and began to pull down the pants for me, mommyfucktube my cock went immediately hard, and sucked my cock for fun. Then kneeling on the passenger seat, pulled her underwear, reached under and started playing with her ass. That's enough, he said, coming out of my cock. You fuck me harder than the last guy you are not.... Almost got it then. She left the car, walked to the front andleaned on the hood. I got up, had a nervous glance around and walked mommyfucktube around the front. I asked if he had a condom, she gave me one of her purse and went like lightning. He said that, as in the coup, as she was moving in the sperm of all that had been rubbed. I looked around again and then just went for it. I sank my cock in the ass and strted damn dirty cow for all it was worth. It was not long before I was trembling with excitement. I pulled it, and cover the mommyfucktube whole condom and pulled out my cock and semen poured out on all hands, took a big lick and then the rest in his lap and rubbed her ass. Then he leaned back and noticed he left without saying a word. I quickly attached himself and went back to the car. I looked in the rearview mirror as he walked toward the truck behind me. To my surprise, appeared only briefly in the cabin after the conversation with the driver for mommyfucktube about 10 seconds. the liAccording to the law were in the cabin and watched as she heaed nla its path, as I do. Then came, and I looked at the truck rose from his seat behind her pet and take the shit out of it. The same old story, after he arrived, she was in the taxi and went further down the layby. I waited about an hour in the hope that his head toward me, eager to see them in the chaos after all, which could play. Never saw her again, but driving away I saw at least five trucks and probably about 6 cars lined all behind me. Dirty Dog. I will go there again for sure.
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